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Visão geral

The ALIMAK SC 45/30 is a reliable and efficient construction hoist, offering simplicity of operation, ease of installation and intelligent design with a low total cost of ownership. Engineered in Sweden and manufactured in China, the ALIMAK SC 45/30 undergoes a series of rigorous safety and quality tests before arrival to market. Driven by a high-efficiency helical gearbox, the ALIMAK SC 45/30 offers increased hoistpower, smooth operation and energy efficiency, with the safety and usability expected of an Alimak hoist. A new design with quality, high-strength materials ensures low energy consumption, improved running efficiency and less wear for low cost of ownership.

The ALIMAK SC 45/30 is designed for passenger and materials transport. The ALIMAK SC 45/30 offers, efficiency, safety, reduced energy consumption and low operating costs, making it the ideal hoist solution for construction and rental companies. A modern microprocessor hoist control system with stop-next-landing control allows for simple operation and ease of use. The ALIMAK SC 45/30 is capable of sharing a mast with the Hek medium range of transport platforms, materials hoists and mast climbing work platforms, improving utilisation of machine accessories and increasing transport capacity in a cost-effective way.

Rack and pinion

Alimak is the global leader in rack and pinion drive technology, with more than 50 years' experience in the innovation of high-quality rack and pinion products designed to meet client requirements. The ALIMAK SC 45/30 is engineered and manufactured to Alimak's exacting standards, delivering reliability, energy efficiency and durability in even the toughest working conditions.

Flexibility of design

The ALIMAK SC 45/30 offers flexibility of design, with three available door options: a vertical door, bi-folding door or vertical door with load ramp. The load ramp allows for quick and easy loading of materials and requires no special landing bridges.

Energy-efficient drive unit

A high-efficiency helical gearbox provides lower power consumption and reduced operational costs.

Variable frequency control

Variable Frequency Control (FC) provides smooth starting and stopping, with a low starting current, less wear and tear and improved landing accuracy. A range of voltage options are available to suit any client power requirement.

Extended equipment life

The ALIMAK SC 45/30 uses lighter and stronger galvanised steel mast sections and tie-ins. A centrally located rack balances the force between mast pipes and guide rollers, ensuring even equipment wear and extending operational life.

Reduced power consumption

New design and materials provide stronger, lighter and more compact cage design for reduced power consumption. A fixed cage frame and welded cage walls lengthen machine service life, while reducing noise and vibrations.

Easy installation and dismantle

No special tools are required, and four lifting eyes are located on the car roof and two on the drive unit for easy installation and dismantle. This ensures a cost-effective and user-friendly hoist solution.


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Benefícios principais

  • Safety: Fitted with a safety device, overload sensor, and mechanical interlocking door system to guarantee the highest safety standards.
  • Reliability: High strength steel extends equipment life and reduces dead weight; With a robust design, based on proven Alimak Hek technology, the Alimak SC 45/30 is a reliable hoist solution that delivers when you need it to.
  • Efficiency: A high-efficiency helical gearbox affords (30%) lower power consumption and operating costs, compared to competitor hoist products. Built-in electrical cabinet maximises internal hoist dimensions for increased lifting capacity.
  • Ergonomic design: Superior operator comfort with a robust design for equipment durability; a choice of door and ramp options ensure maximum usability; easy to use stop-next-landing control system allows for simple operation; LED-light in cage for maximum usability and operator comfort; optional installation crane and single or dual cage available.

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Dados técnicos

Motor control
Max. payload capacity
2,000 kg
Speed (DOL)
36 m/min.
Speed (FC)
0–60 m/min.
Max. lifting height
150/180 m (Increased lifting height on request.)
Car width (internal)
1.4 m
Car length (internal)
3.0 m
Car height (internal)
2.13 m
No. of motors
Safety device type
Power supply range
380–500 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 3 phase
Type of mast
450, Tubular steel with integrated rack
Length mast section
1.508 m
Rack module

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Pedido de orçamento de Guindastes de construção

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